Winning Strategies in Blackjack

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Blackjack is a game of strategies. There are no fixed rules for any situations in a casino or online casinoStrategy to be used may vary from situation to situation. Below we are given the strategy to be used in a particular situation.
Special care should be taken when the cards are dealt face up. Surrender; in this case, the player should say “surrender” (loud neck The player should keep his hands still and away from the cards. movement of the hands might be interpreted by the dealer as or “stand.”

Sometime ago, I was playing at a casino in a I deck game. The cards were dealt face up. I was sitting to the right and I was dealt (10, 5). The dealer had a 10 up. I said render,” but somehow the dealer misunderstood my signal as a jack, I am not sure if the mistake was intentional or that the mistake was unintentional. The d’ had a 6 under the ten. Hence, the jack would have busted her. Next card in the shoe was a 3, giving her a total of 19. All this penned very quickly, before I could say anything. I protested, as did one other player at the table, the pit boss was called to rabbit graciously, he instructed the dealer to consider her hand a bust, and to pay everybody at the table. The situation was solved in an amicable manner but situation are not the same every time. Most casinos have a past history of violence in such unfortunate situations.

A variant of the surrender option, described above, allows the player to surrender the first two cards only when the dealer has an ace or a ten up. This may not be advantageous if the stakes for the card are very high.

Another variant is the so called early surrender. It is offered mainly in the case of no hole-card games. Under this rule the player may surrender before the dealer checks (or receives) his hole card. When the dealer has an ace up, he has a probability of little less than 1/3, of ending with a blackjack. It is obvious therefore, that when early surrender is allowed, the player must surrender much more often.

In any case, try to avoid misunderstandings or any opportunity for cheating by the dealer. They are not always solved in such a gentlemanly manner as at the Riviera. Casinos are not a place for the weak or the timid. All casinos have a history of fights which can even lead to blood letting and even death.

Early surrender is very advantageous for skillful players.