Bettors Gambling On Perfection Move One Step Closer To Pay Day

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NFL bettors are known for taking a chance on the long shots every season. This year, the most popular long shot proposition bets involved teams that were winning, not losing. On Sunday, two teams moved closer to creating big paydays for gamblers.

The New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts both are chasing history. Only the 1972 Miami Dolphins went undefeated throughout an NFL season, but now the Colts and saints are threatening to match that mark.

The Saints won a tight game against the Atlanta Falcons on the road Sunday. Indianapolis was in control for much of the day against the Denver Broncos. Now, the two teams are just three wins away from regular season perfection.

Of course, only one of the teams will have the opportunity to go undefeated. Should they both remain undefeated through the playoffs, they would meet in the Super Bowl, where one team would have to take their first loss of the year.

A couple of years ago, the gambling hype of an undefeated season centered on the New England Patriots. The Patriots took their perfect record into the Super Bowl, but were beaten in the final minutes by the New York Giants. That loss crushed thousands of gamblers hoping for that perfect season.

Now, bettors are shooting for the stars with the long shots again, only this time they have a safety net. Any gambler who bet on both the Saints and the Colts to go undefeated, need only one to accomplish the feat to ensure a big pay day.

Casino Games

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There are numerous casino games available online. Below we give you an introduction to some of the most popular and well-known classic casino games. You will get all the information you need to master the games you find online and at your local casino.
So what are you waiting for? Let us introduce you to the thrill and excitement of casino gaming!
Casino Games
Blackjack :
Blackjack is a casino game where skill actually matters. It’s very simple to learn a basic strategy that will reduce the house edge and increase you chances of winning.
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Slots :
It’s fast, it’s easy and with progressive jackpots you have a (long) shot at the big bucks. The game of slots is learned in only five seconds but can provide hours of fun.
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Roulette :
The true classic of casino games. Never believe people claiming to have a roulette strategy that works, but the good news is that the house edge is smaller than in most other games.
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Video Poker :
Video poker combines the thrill of poker with the pace of the slot machine. This is the perfect online casino game and can be enjoyed by anyone with basic poker knowledge.
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Craps :
If it’s action you are looking for craps is definitely the casino game for you. This is a fast paced dice game and if you make the right bets the house edge is small.
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Pai Gow :
The poker version of one of the most popular games in the world – in the casino version of Pai Gow your objective is to make two winning poker hands. We teach you how.
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Keno :
Pick your numbers and hope for the best. Keno is that easy and the more numbers you hit the more money you win.
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This is a casino game with flair and James Bonds game of choice. Baccarat is an action packed game with a low house edge and a very easy game to learn.
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Bingo :
You don’t have to go to your smoke filled local bingo hall to enjoy this entertaining game any more. Learn the game fast and play bingo online in the comfort of your own home.
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Play casino games :
The popularity of casino games has increased rapidly with the Internet revolution. Numerous gaming fans from all over the world enjoy online casino games every day. The wonders of casino gaming is only one click away for anyone on the planet with a computer and an Internet connection – which is one of the explanations why it has become a favorite pastime for so many people.
But the main explanation why playing casino games have become such a hit is because it’s fun. That’s also the best reason for playing. The house always has an edge so you need to get lucky in order to win. To only play with money that you can afford to spare is the best way to enjoy the thrill and excitement of online casino games. Below we rank some of the top online casinos. Don’t miss out on our great bonus deals!