Bettors Gambling On Perfection Move One Step Closer To Pay Day

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NFL bettors are known for taking a chance on the long shots every season. This year, the most popular long shot proposition bets involved teams that were winning, not losing. On Sunday, two teams moved closer to creating big paydays for gamblers.

The New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts both are chasing history. Only the 1972 Miami Dolphins went undefeated throughout an NFL season, but now the Colts and saints are threatening to match that mark.

The Saints won a tight game against the Atlanta Falcons on the road Sunday. Indianapolis was in control for much of the day against the Denver Broncos. Now, the two teams are just three wins away from regular season perfection.

Of course, only one of the teams will have the opportunity to go undefeated. Should they both remain undefeated through the playoffs, they would meet in the Super Bowl, where one team would have to take their first loss of the year.

A couple of years ago, the gambling hype of an undefeated season centered on the New England Patriots. The Patriots took their perfect record into the Super Bowl, but were beaten in the final minutes by the New York Giants. That loss crushed thousands of gamblers hoping for that perfect season.

Now, bettors are shooting for the stars with the long shots again, only this time they have a safety net. Any gambler who bet on both the Saints and the Colts to go undefeated, need only one to accomplish the feat to ensure a big pay day.


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