Gambling Etiquette

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This section is for those who have never been to a casino before. It is highly recommended that you know the basic casino etiquettes before stepping in a casino hall. It is exasperating for fellow players to play with a novice or a green horn, which has to be told what to do after every round of betting. It is advisable that you watch the game from behind for some time before settling down for a game.

Understand the rules before you sit down.

Never buy chips while the hand is in progress. Buy your chips in between hands. Choose your denominations carefully. Red chips are valued at $5, green for $25, and blacks are valued at $100.Chips of higher denominations are also available. Buy some $1 tokens to tip the servers. You are not allowed to change the tokens until you leave the table. If you have too many chips of the smaller denominations it is a good idea use it in your betting. Always try to have an excess of chips of smaller denominations. Casinos often pay bin larger denomination chips when you win to make you bet for more. You can ask for a change of chip of larger denominations into smaller ones but don’t ask for a change in the middle of a hand.

If the cards are dealt face up never touch your cards, if the cards are dealt face down then touch your card with one hand. Never bent a card or put your drinks on it. Do not touch your bet once the card has been dealt with. Touch it only when the hand is over. Don’t drink too much of alcohol. Never seek advice from the dealer. They know no more than what you know. No dealer would risk his job by helping a casino player to win. Do not blame the dealer if his advice leads to a loss. Do not seek sympathy or empathy if you have lost a hand or you had a bad session. Tip the servers according to the services he had provided. Tip the servers even if you have lost. In most casinos the tips are shared whereas in some the waiter keeps his tip. Services are better in those casinos which allow its waiters to keep their tips. Games like black jack involve gestures. Know the significance of these gestures before you get down playing. Always be polite to the servers. Never give vent to your emotions if you lose. Never criticize another players play. Never keep the cards in your hand. Always keep the card on the table. Do not give unsolicited advice to your fellow players. Never show your card until the hand is over. Remember to switch off your cell phone when you are playing. Arrange your chips neatly; put the higher denomination chips on the top.">Free Poker Games">Best Gambling Online Online Casino Games">Best Casino Games Casino Games">Gambling Games">Poker Online">Play Casino">Casino Online">Grand Casino">Play Gambling Games">World Of War-craft">Online Slots">Online Casino


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