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The Core System

There are two types of hands, which are used in any games played in the casino.

The Standing Hands, which play themselves, and the Active Hands--hands that demand a decision on whether to hit or stand. One of the disadvantages of tracking tens is that they are involved in a greater percentage of Standing Hands, which give you no say in your own fate, than are Core cards. It is the 116 Active Hands that make or break your game-those wily stiffs and risky double downs. And the Core cards are part of fully 68 of those 116 hands, or 61.3%!

Let's look at another aspect of the Core. As the cards
Five through eight are depleted from the deck:

-The frequency of two-card 7s thru 188 is somewhat reduced.
-The frequency of two-card 10s thru 16 is reduced a bit more.
-The amount and bonuses of two-card 12s thru 14s is reduced considerably!

And it is logical to expect an increase in activity in the areas of the chart that aren't part of the depleted 5-8 Core boundaries. This includes that meaty lower right-hand corner holding thirty of the thirty-two nineteen’s, twenties and blackjacks.

Furthermore, with Core depletion, those Dealer twelve’s thru sixteen’s will be less likely to be hit by a five, six, seven or eight, leading to more dealer busts!

In a very real sense, the game of in a casino can be said to revolve around the 5•8 Core contained in every deck.

But we've only been looking at one side of the picture.


There are really three types of games that you'll encounter while playing blackjack or any other casino games. When using the CORE System. The fluffs are the least common: the game with a balanced deck. As long as the deck remains fairly well distributed and balanced, the traditional Basic Strategy as devised by Thorp and Braun is the appropriate way to play your hands and win prizes .However, even by Thorp's own calculations, if you are dealing with a balanced, or random deck, it will develop a bias one way or the other over half the time as soon as 20% of the cards have been dealt out; by the time that 50% of the cards have been dealt out, it will develop a bias about two-thirds of the time. It's important to remember that these mathematicians, to whom we're indebted for their early research into the game, always held the assumption that they were often in the presence of that rare beast, the Random Deck!

In today's American casinos and on line casino the Defensive Deck is what you'll much more likely run into. This means that you could easily be dealing with a deck that develops a bias as soon as the first cards have been dealt out

Random decks do appear, either fleetingly as a new deck starts to get some use, or, more likely, in an occasional, well-used, well-shuffled deck don’t ignore its existence, for playing a balanced deck with a biased strategy can easily backfire.

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