Winning Strategies in Blackjack

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Blackjack is a game of strategies. There are no fixed rules for any situations in a casino or online casinoStrategy to be used may vary from situation to situation. Below we are given the strategy to be used in a particular situation.
Special care should be taken when the cards are dealt face up. Surrender; in this case, the player should say “surrender” (loud neck The player should keep his hands still and away from the cards. movement of the hands might be interpreted by the dealer as or “stand.”

Sometime ago, I was playing at a casino in a I deck game. The cards were dealt face up. I was sitting to the right and I was dealt (10, 5). The dealer had a 10 up. I said render,” but somehow the dealer misunderstood my signal as a jack, I am not sure if the mistake was intentional or that the mistake was unintentional. The d’ had a 6 under the ten. Hence, the jack would have busted her. Next card in the shoe was a 3, giving her a total of 19. All this penned very quickly, before I could say anything. I protested, as did one other player at the table, the pit boss was called to rabbit graciously, he instructed the dealer to consider her hand a bust, and to pay everybody at the table. The situation was solved in an amicable manner but situation are not the same every time. Most casinos have a past history of violence in such unfortunate situations.

A variant of the surrender option, described above, allows the player to surrender the first two cards only when the dealer has an ace or a ten up. This may not be advantageous if the stakes for the card are very high.

Another variant is the so called early surrender. It is offered mainly in the case of no hole-card games. Under this rule the player may surrender before the dealer checks (or receives) his hole card. When the dealer has an ace up, he has a probability of little less than 1/3, of ending with a blackjack. It is obvious therefore, that when early surrender is allowed, the player must surrender much more often.

In any case, try to avoid misunderstandings or any opportunity for cheating by the dealer. They are not always solved in such a gentlemanly manner as at the Riviera. Casinos are not a place for the weak or the timid. All casinos have a history of fights which can even lead to blood letting and even death.

Early surrender is very advantageous for skillful players.

Intermediate Blackjack Strategies

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The Streak Count System
Before going for a game of blackjack it is advisable to observe certain precautions before going for the bet this will help you have a fair idea of how Intermediate Blackjack is played or the modus operandi of the game.
Some important blackjack strategies are as follows
1. Your minimum bet made in a favorable shoe will always be 2 units (level 2).
2.The 1 unit bet is only made if the remaining cards are unfavorable and a) you lost your last bet, b) you won at level 4 or S, or c) the running count is -S or worse (4, 6, 8 decks) or -2 or worse for single and double deck games.
3. The only way to make the large 7 unit bet is to have won the level 4 (S unit) bet and have a favorable situation. In fact you must have a favorable situation in order to wager the maximum 7 units.
4.Once you wager 7 units (level 5), you will continue to do so as long as you continue to win and the game is favorable. If either of these conditions changes, the bet size is reduced.
5.Make your calls clearly. The Call clarity will help to prevent any misunderstanding.
The following example can be used as a study aid to learn this betting system in any casino
For example, if you wager 3 units and you win the hand and the running count indicates a favorable situation, your next bet is 5 units. Likewise, if you wager 5 units, lose the hand and have an unfavorable situation, the next bet you should make is 1 unit. The above betting methodology will automatically have you making larger bets in favorable
situations and smaller bets in unfavorable situations.
It is designed also to take advantage of your win I streaks (which have a higher probability of occurring in I favorable situations) but can still occur as well in unsavory- I able situations. Since large bets are only made with profits I from winning succeeding hands in the progression, this I betting methodology minimizes your chances of going broke I by losing too many large bets in succession. And most I importantly, this method of betting automatically disguises the fact that you are a skillful card counter (you'll never be I increasing your bet size by more than 2 units at a time).

With the above betting strategy, your session bankroll I should be equal to 30 times the basic 1 unit bet. Your total bankroll should be 4 times the session bankroll.

Quit a session if you've either lost your session bankroll or you've managed to win 10 to 20% of your session bankroll. If you are winning like crazy (which will happen from time to time!), keep playing but be sure you quit with your profits when you start to lose .The following statistics about the above betting strategy might interest you.

1.In general you will average about 150 hands per session (about a 2 hour playing session).

2.Your average bet size using the bet progression, as determined from computer studies, is 3.0 units per hand. With a total bankroll of 120 units, this represents an average bet to stake ratio of 1 to 40.

3.Assuming 3.0 units per hand x ISO hands per session, this equals a total of 450 units risked per session. It would take a casino edge of at least 6.6% to grind out your 30 unit session bankroll (6.6% of 450 equals 30).

4.This course of play will take 9 or 10 consecutive sessions, in each of which you lose your entire 30
unit session bankroll to wipe out your 120 unit stake. This is the worst that can happen.

The streak count betting system when incorporated with the basic playing strategy will give you a slight edge (about t 0.5 %) when playing in any casino or online casino To further increase your edge you must learn the technique of true count wagering and strategy.

If you follow the tips given above the chances of your losing in any casino will be greatly minimized or at least reduced. It is to be borne in mind that betting at any casino is a game of chances. Even if you have lost some money it is not the end of the world and try to get on with the game.

Different hands

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The Core System

There are two types of hands, which are used in any games played in the casino.

The Standing Hands, which play themselves, and the Active Hands--hands that demand a decision on whether to hit or stand. One of the disadvantages of tracking tens is that they are involved in a greater percentage of Standing Hands, which give you no say in your own fate, than are Core cards. It is the 116 Active Hands that make or break your game-those wily stiffs and risky double downs. And the Core cards are part of fully 68 of those 116 hands, or 61.3%!

Let's look at another aspect of the Core. As the cards
Five through eight are depleted from the deck:

-The frequency of two-card 7s thru 188 is somewhat reduced.
-The frequency of two-card 10s thru 16 is reduced a bit more.
-The amount and bonuses of two-card 12s thru 14s is reduced considerably!

And it is logical to expect an increase in activity in the areas of the chart that aren't part of the depleted 5-8 Core boundaries. This includes that meaty lower right-hand corner holding thirty of the thirty-two nineteen’s, twenties and blackjacks.

Furthermore, with Core depletion, those Dealer twelve’s thru sixteen’s will be less likely to be hit by a five, six, seven or eight, leading to more dealer busts!

In a very real sense, the game of in a casino can be said to revolve around the 5•8 Core contained in every deck.

But we've only been looking at one side of the picture.


There are really three types of games that you'll encounter while playing blackjack or any other casino games. When using the CORE System. The fluffs are the least common: the game with a balanced deck. As long as the deck remains fairly well distributed and balanced, the traditional Basic Strategy as devised by Thorp and Braun is the appropriate way to play your hands and win prizes .However, even by Thorp's own calculations, if you are dealing with a balanced, or random deck, it will develop a bias one way or the other over half the time as soon as 20% of the cards have been dealt out; by the time that 50% of the cards have been dealt out, it will develop a bias about two-thirds of the time. It's important to remember that these mathematicians, to whom we're indebted for their early research into the game, always held the assumption that they were often in the presence of that rare beast, the Random Deck!

In today's American casinos and on line casino the Defensive Deck is what you'll much more likely run into. This means that you could easily be dealing with a deck that develops a bias as soon as the first cards have been dealt out

Random decks do appear, either fleetingly as a new deck starts to get some use, or, more likely, in an occasional, well-used, well-shuffled deck don’t ignore its existence, for playing a balanced deck with a biased strategy can easily backfire.

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Gambling Etiquette

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This section is for those who have never been to a casino before. It is highly recommended that you know the basic casino etiquettes before stepping in a casino hall. It is exasperating for fellow players to play with a novice or a green horn, which has to be told what to do after every round of betting. It is advisable that you watch the game from behind for some time before settling down for a game.

Understand the rules before you sit down.

Never buy chips while the hand is in progress. Buy your chips in between hands. Choose your denominations carefully. Red chips are valued at $5, green for $25, and blacks are valued at $100.Chips of higher denominations are also available. Buy some $1 tokens to tip the servers. You are not allowed to change the tokens until you leave the table. If you have too many chips of the smaller denominations it is a good idea use it in your betting. Always try to have an excess of chips of smaller denominations. Casinos often pay bin larger denomination chips when you win to make you bet for more. You can ask for a change of chip of larger denominations into smaller ones but don’t ask for a change in the middle of a hand.

If the cards are dealt face up never touch your cards, if the cards are dealt face down then touch your card with one hand. Never bent a card or put your drinks on it. Do not touch your bet once the card has been dealt with. Touch it only when the hand is over. Don’t drink too much of alcohol. Never seek advice from the dealer. They know no more than what you know. No dealer would risk his job by helping a casino player to win. Do not blame the dealer if his advice leads to a loss. Do not seek sympathy or empathy if you have lost a hand or you had a bad session. Tip the servers according to the services he had provided. Tip the servers even if you have lost. In most casinos the tips are shared whereas in some the waiter keeps his tip. Services are better in those casinos which allow its waiters to keep their tips. Games like black jack involve gestures. Know the significance of these gestures before you get down playing. Always be polite to the servers. Never give vent to your emotions if you lose. Never criticize another players play. Never keep the cards in your hand. Always keep the card on the table. Do not give unsolicited advice to your fellow players. Never show your card until the hand is over. Remember to switch off your cell phone when you are playing. Arrange your chips neatly; put the higher denomination chips on the top.">Free Poker Games">Best Gambling Online Online Casino Games">Best Casino Games Casino Games">Gambling Games">Poker Online">Play Casino">Casino Online">Grand Casino">Play Gambling Games">World Of War-craft">Online Slots">Online Casino